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Heres a fun read. An article I wrote 7 years ago that was published in a local newspaper, The Applegater. Its all about the Spring season of the night sky. Makes it fun and easy to go out an recognize a bunch of what you are seeing in the sky. This is an article in the archives of the Applegater where I’ve been writing a quarterly article about that seasons night sky.
(I’m just now putting the final touches on the most recent installment, Spring 2015. Watch for it 😉

Starry Side 6-2008 WIDE

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an excerpt from:

www.Applegater.org   –  Applegate Valley Community Newspaper

The Applegate Valley Community Newspaper organization’s goal is to provide the many communities of the Applegate Watershed with a communication vehicle, the Applegater, that will provide educational information, increase community capacity and enrich our lives. Through honest, constructive, relevant and entertaining reports on a wide variety of subjects and viewpoints, including our natural resources, historical and current events, and community news, we can work together to maintain the quality of life that drew us to the Applegate in the first place, and continue to make a difference in our Valley.

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This cool piece was photographed by Stephen Jamieson, one of my best friends in the world. It was all his doing and most wonderful. I was shooting the wind,leaves,and light as he recorded me. That’s his sweet white dog at my feet, at his beautiful place along the applegate river.

A giant rock broke loose and rolled into Carberry creek.
We put this video up fast, in hopes that this aerial “survey” may be of assistance to the crews that will be working on the project of re-opening the road.

We have been researching the August 21, 2017 Eclipse and have collected these interesting and inspiring videos for your entertainment and research.  Simply click on the words that attract you and it will open:

Stolen ecllipse clouds

This is a short animated primer for people who know nothing so it’s an easy pass but fun for the newby. 1:40

shadow bands, short  1:12

shadow bands 2:58

shadow bands, time, temperature all in one image – great idea!!  4:01

shadow bands two colors 4:01

eclipse hills, atmosphere, sounds, Bailie’s beads, diamond ring 1:07

handheld, clouds, overall, water, hills, sounds 9:16

aircraft view, flying with it! 6:00

bbc, india, description, clouds, good images, sounds   3:11                                  

National Geographic  Website w/ Images

4th Night of June

From a very young age I have been fascinated by the night sky. The larger features such as the Summer Triangle have held a particular interest in my mind and heart. A few years ago I even wrote a short poem about it.

This short film combines one special nighttime event that I was lucky enough to capture and show you here as a Time lapse along with that poem. I hope you enjoy this moment.

A book of my Poetry- “I am only the paper”

It’s been years in the making, but I am finally producing a Book of my own poetry. The book is titled “I am only the paper”. Poetry moves through me. It’s not something that I do. It’s almost like the poem does it to me. You know?

When copies are available, THIS will be the place to order one. If you want to pre-order, message me.