A new series- Quote Films

I am very excited to announce the beginning of a new series of videos that I will be releasing slowly over the next few months.  I call them “Quote Films” and I am sure you’ll see why.

For most of my life I’ve enjoyed poetry and other inspiring phrases and of course I love beautiful nature shots. So now, with the help of my editors, we am combining those two things to create these short films that I vey much hope you will enjoy.  We’ll release a new film every week and many of them will be these Quote films. Other shorts that we are creating will also be released in coming weeks. This is an exciting time for me because I love to share these beautiful moments of Nature with you.

Wayne W Dyer from greeley wells on Vimeo.

A World of One Color

We’re just slippin out of winter and like all seasons, I get out and experience it.

My friend and editor Ed Keller flew a drone thru the treetops and at about 30 seconds into this little film, you’ll see a house, the only house you’ll see. That’s my Place! Out in this beautiful wilderness.

I love the opportunity to be here all the time so that whenever something interesting is unfolding, I am available to run outside and capture it. Whatever it is. In snow, rain or Sun. To watch clouds, mist, a creek or a sunset. 24/7, and I take advantage of that.

I invite you to watch this video and any of the others that are on my Youtube channel or here on this blog, in order to see some of what I have seen as I walk thru these amazing landscapes.



AIRPORT BUDDY is from the archives recorded maybe 5 years ago. In those days I was just shooting myself. (Notice what has now become much more sophisticated multi camera vlogs.)
This episode came after some traveling and remembering an experience like this.

An Invitation to Collaborate and Co-Create !

Hello!  Want to be in a few of my films?  You’re Invited!

We have some exciting things blossoming in my most recent project called Almost 80!
Right now I am especially excited to invite you in to become part of the next 3 films we are co-creating. This is a fresh new opportunity to connect in with us: Greeley & Friends Roundtable!
The video we just put together with Ed Keller and Serena Davidson and others has more details and inspirations to share with you about what we are envisioning.
We put some love and creativity into this invitation and hope you feel it: It’s an Invitation to Collaborate and Co-Create.