Hey LOOK! — > I’m on TikTok

In my ongoing quest to SHARE the beautiful things that I see, I’ve started to use TikTok.
Its an interesting exercise to try and fit some of my Long-form nature videos, into the realm of 15 second videos. And I am happy to try and bring some calm, peace and beauty to that fast paced world.

CLICK HERE to visit my profile and see some of my most recent little films.

An Invitation to Collaborate and Co-Create !

Hello!  Want to be in a few of my films?  You’re Invited!

We have some exciting things blossoming in my most recent project called Almost 80!
Right now I am especially excited to invite you in to become part of the next 3 films we are co-creating. This is a fresh new opportunity to connect in with us: Greeley & Friends Roundtable!
The video we just put together with Ed Keller and Serena Davidson and others has more details and inspirations to share with you about what we are envisioning.
We put some love and creativity into this invitation and hope you feel it: It’s an Invitation to Collaborate and Co-Create.

My column in the current edition of “The Applegater” newspaper.

For over 20 years I have been involved with our local newspaper. Writing stories, serving on the editorial board and in recent years Ive been penning a recurring column on Astronomy.

Take a look at the current edition for my column on The Summer Sky. Its got some great information on what to expect and what to look for in the night sky this summer.

4th Night of June

From a very young age I have been fascinated by the night sky. The larger features such as the Summer Triangle have held a particular interest in my mind and heart. A few years ago I even wrote a short poem about it.

This short film combines one special nighttime event that I was lucky enough to capture and show you here as a Time lapse along with that poem. I hope you enjoy this moment.


 Almost out of control images come and go while I attempt in my own poem to describe the one thing we can do in life in such situations.  With Jason, my editor’s help we put something really illustrative together. Hope you like it too.

Peaceful Heart

 This is a concept close to my heart.  I thought Louise Hay created a wonderful description of who I strive to be.  I think the images support it.  They continually go from something almost abstract and unknowable to something very knowable.  Sometimes to violence of word and of images going together, matching each other. And peace and beauty reining in the end.  

The Beach

In am an inveterate artist. When I see a scene I like, I’m drawn to it as I was this sunset and beautiful beach with interesting waves and structures.  I shot for quite a while.  When I read Rachael Carson’s poem it was an instant connection.  They each worked together to make a wonderful and beautiful statement.