My column in the current edition of “The Applegater” newspaper.

For over 20 years I have been involved with our local newspaper. Writing stories, serving on the editorial board and in recent years Ive been penning a recurring column on Astronomy.

Take a look at the current edition for my column on The Summer Sky. Its got some great information on what to expect and what to look for in the night sky this summer.

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  1. Hi Greeley (& Friends)
    Just watched the short films and love them. Have a little background in scripted film and extensive background as an activist. I’m 76 now. Spent early decades fighting in the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, against the Vietnam war, for voting, job and housing rights for people of color, for abortion rights, for recycling, against GMO, etc. Depressed as hell that all those battles we thought had been won have to now be fought again.
    Moved to Upper Applegate in ’72. Live now in a smaller parcel in Ruch. Last decade has been taken up fighting personal medical problems, but I seem to be getting better now and film has always intrigued me–would like to join I think–more details? I’ve always been a behind the scene person.

    anya paradiso

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