The Siskiyou Crest Fest

It was a joy and an honor to be involved with the Siskiyou Crest Festival that was just held in Williams, Or. The wonderful people that organized the event are my neighbors and friends that love this region as much as I do! And that says alot!
The event was designed to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of this region. I have been creating Art here for decades, and so I was able to submit several different types of art and I am proud to say, I was Accepted for three different categories:

Oil Painting

I got to display a painting titled: “Clearing on the Siskiyou Crest, Rogue Siskiyou National Forest”

More of my older art is available at


I read several poems about the Siskiyou Crest area.  All of which are included in my new book “I am only the paper”- available HERE.

Film We created a 17 minute film 

“Saving Wellington” to support a project to save some local Wildlands, here in the Siskiyou Crest area. You can watch that film HERE.