TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN! August 21st, 2017 – Project Ideas

Here is a LINK to the article I wrote about next years Total Solar Eclipse:

When you read it, you will see that it sort of fleshes out my excitement a bit more.      Below are some ideas for those who might like to join this project.

.                            Map of the Path of Totality – Solar Eclipse Aug 21, 2017
The shadow travels across the Pacific ocean and hits land on the Oregon coast and then moves across the whole USA heading out to sea over the Atlantic ocean past South Carolina. There will most likely NOT be another eclipse in our life time so close and so perfect.  I went to Guadalajara, Mexico in 1991 to see one and it was well worth the trip.   I am going up to see this one too, especially because it is so in reach.  It is being said that this will be the most observed celestial event in all known history.   This experience is next to none other you can imagine.  It will effect and amaze you.  There’s something inexplicable about being in a 90 mile diameter black shadow of our moon at 10ish in the morning that is racing by at over 1000 miles per hour. It will give you an almost perfect night with planets and stars for about 2 minutes [depending on your exact location] and then leaving as fast as it came.  Your sense of our solar system, those huge orbs in space, will never be quite the same.  Go google: 2017 total solar eclipse and get many details, millions of connections and more than you need are there to get started.  I can’t speak highly enough of this stupendous experience.  Share it with your partners and kids and friends: none of you will ever forget it.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

A very good reference is:


We are inviting creative people to join us in a film project.
Some people have already said “Yes” and are moving forward in planning.
Below are some ideas to get you started thinking. We hope you may find some inspiration here or come up with a new idea or take up any one that you’d like to do:

•My project:   a landscape concentration  – coming and going of the shadow from a high mountain perspective from within the eclipse.  I’m thinking of having a candle in a jar [to protect from wind] as a well known light level to give a perspective to the quality of the dark during full darkness.

• River idea, from canoe, boat, kayak, etc.  reflections, straight up, from underwater, from a river in a valley or flat plain, or deep canyon, etc.

• Holes in a surface casting images of the sun: natural: between leaves, human made: sculpture that plays with different holes with the light coming from the  sun, etc.

• sculpture, still photo’s, paintings, drawings, Film, timelapse,  etc. inspired by the eclipse.

• expose for the night sky so planets and stars show up, photo/film/art….

• Interview people of all sorts:

hearing stories
watching, listening
asking questions – stimulating or interesting questions
reactions before and after
crowd films faces, sounds, etc.
time-lapse crowds?
crowd sounds and views, the ahh….  etc.   Everyone focused

• record any and all personal reactions including you’re own, reactions or even hopes and thoughts about it before.

• We hoping one person may like to take a movie of the eclipse looking north from the North Sister Mountain, which is outside the eclipse path, and watch the eclipse go by in the distance to give that perspective.   It will have Mount Hood staying in the light in the distance of that view also.  Sounds very cool.

• A friend, Grant, is thinking about a set of glass jars with different colored  water in them and film them before, during and after the eclipse to see what changes go on.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and additions.   And freely use any of these that appeal to you.

Feel welcome to join in the fun and creativity,


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