Greeley’s latest Film: NUDE

In September 2016, my latest film, titled NUDE, was selected to be part of a Film Festival that was held In Big Bear Lake, California.
Then it won the Audience Choice award for Best Documentary Short. It was very exciting and rather personally rewarding to be selected by the audience, which was made up primarily of Filmmakers themselves.cgiff2016winner-768x478

In case you missed the Premier showings, you can watch the 18 minute film here.
** imagine that you are sitting in a dimly lit theater, with other film goers, before pushing the PLAY button.  Watch it till the end and then please comment below.
(I do indeed read all the comments on this blog.)

3 thoughts on “Greeley’s latest Film: NUDE

  1. Wow, Dad! You were a painter before I was born, so I never saw you “become” that… but now I’ve had the joy of following your shift from painting & drawing to video, and I’m deeply impressed. Congratulations on the award, and the journey.

  2. Greeley
    I find this film which includes many friends to be absolutely charming in its honesty and tact. Thanks you Greely for taking this on

    When my buddy and I were backpacking on the slopes approaching Mt Fuji, we came across a young country woman leisurely combing her hair on the village street outside her family home. We were off-duty soldiers, she was naked from the waist up, unabashed and unafraid, and to me she was living in my world as it should be — she knew nothing of the the awful biblical myth of our shameful expulsion from the Garden of Eden — she had grown up in the public baths where men, women and children mingle naturally in their birthday suits.

  3. That was fantastic!
    Until they are `trained’ or suppressed, children love being naked running free. I remember the good old days!
    It occurs to me that religion often makes nudity sinful and associates it with sex which is also considered sinful except under certain circumstances. So religion permeates culture which permeates into us that nudity and sex are connected and they are both ‘bad’.
    Nudity is just a body without obstruction. Good job bro!

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