Greeley’s 75th Birthday Bash: 2018

If you have attended any of the previous birthday celebrations…  50th, 60 and 70th. Then you know kinda what you’re in for but this will be even more!

This is the 3/4 Century mark for Greeley and the 75th Birthday bash will have  many new and exciting things, sounds, sights, food and fun, and YOU are invited!  It is also an invitation to come with stories, pictures, movies and good cheer about Greeley for a Bio Documentary Film, being made about him and his life.
The party will go on, and the idea is that each person will have an opportunity to sit down with Greeley and visit.  Additionally, each will be asked to sit with an interviewer and talk about Greeley without him being present!  There  will be cameras and sound as this is for a movie.   You’ll be a part of the movie on him.   So don’t be shy come charged and have fun.

We will post more information here, as we get closer to the event day.
email if you need the address, map/directions or have any other questions.

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