The Gift of Crater Lake

My latest film project is a very short piece featuring Crater Lake, Oregon.
One of my favorite places in the world. Not just because of its natural beauty and amazingly blue (indigo) water, but because of its history too.
You see, when Mount Mazama blew its top, about 8000 years ago the Northwest was covered with ash. Lava flowed for miles, wiping out forests and prairies. The devastation was immense.
From that devastation comes this Amazingly beautiful Lake. Much like the story of some people, myself included, that have had devastating events happen only to grow into some of the most beautiful parts of our lives.
I feel a kindred spirit at that Lake and in my new short film, we visit that for just 4 minuets.

The Gift of Crater Lake
A film by Greeley Wells    –    Edited by Don Macken


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