Saving Wellington

We created a 16 minute film called Saving Wellington that was crafted specifically to be shown at fundraiser and informational events to help stop the BLM from offering up a beautiful portion of the Applegate valley for logging.  The nearly 8000 acres has never been logged. Many of us feel it should be left intact.

It was a honor that Saving Wellington was also accepted into the 2019 Ashland Independent Film Festival, as part of the “Locals Only” program.   This was the third time we had a film in a festival. We intend to have more in the future.

We would like to thank Luke Ruediger and David Calahan for making this project possible.   Visit their websites for more: and

and, of course:

I was invited to be a guest on a Radio show


Those are radio call letters.  I start with them because I just put a half hour on their air and on their web.   I was a guest on Theresa & Ted’s “Culture Corner” conversations.
You can go to to hear it any time now.
It was billed as: EPISODE 29: 03/16/2019 … Greeley Wells (local ART/FILM/POETRY)
This was a first for me and a lot of fun.  All seemed to flow very nicely and with humor and creativity.  Probably the most public I’ve been with my poems ever and I was glad for the opportunity.  Poetry is a part of my life I don’t talk much about.  It’s been sort of private and occasional.   In the last few years I’ve come out with them a bit more with a monthly poetry reading with six like minded souls as we read together at each others houses.  It’s been very informative and entertaining and helped me grow and become more public about this creative side of me almost no one knows about.  
If you’ll listen you’ll find out about the many films I’ve produced and some new ones about to see the light of day, or a dark theatre.    I am proud to announce that I have a film in the 18th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival.  The wonderful film is called Saving Wellington.  It’s about our beloved Applegate and a central wild area that needs to be protected.  There are two showings Thursday, April 11th at 3:40p, and Saturday, April 13, 9:20p at the Ashland Street Cinema.
So slip into for a little half hour dose of Greeley.
EPISODE 29: 03/16/2019




THANK YOU, to all those that helped me celebrate my 75th birthday.

Last September I had my 75th birthday and to celebrate we had a 3 day party.  Along with my friend and editor Ed Keller, we looked thru some of the footage and threw together this little video of the event for the people that were there.  If you did NOT attend, i still think you’ll have fun watching this little 7 minute “thank you”.

live music by Skijah Indigo

I must also thank all the people who came together to inspire, help and pull this great event off.
Ed Keller & Leela Harlem worked for months to make it happen, with great assistance from Kim, Wrenna & River Keller. Gabe, Don, Jason, Maya, Blake, Grant, Korbin, Nicoa, Teran, Max, Galen, Will, Mirabai, Liz, Ashley, Dawn, Kelsi, Cornflower, Jimmy, Jessica, Freya, Ash, Taylor Marie, Steph, Gage & sons, Chef Al & Donna.
I’m sure I’ve missed some… Thank you too.

Families of Shifted Light

I am really proud of this movie. Its my favorite so far.   This film is a true collaboration between a number of creative people.

Last year I worked with my editor, Ed Keller to create an hour long Silent film called “Moisture”. When we showed that film in an art gallery, there were two jazz musicians that played music LIVE.  In the room that night was a young Poet, Miles Frode and he was moved to create a poem that he later recorded and we wove that into a re-edit of the film that brought it down to about 17 minutes.  THEN I got together with Martin Behnke who did an amazing job at writting an original score for this film. Then sound engineer Bradley Sauders worked his magic as he wove together the performances of multiple musicians to create the master audio track that you will hear in this final version of “Families of Shifted Light” which premiered at the Rogue Gallery of Art on January 25th 2019.


For more work from Poet/Artist Miles Frode:

For more work from Martin Behnke:

For more from Bradley Saunders:



A blast from the past 5 years ago: my 70th Birthday! ENJOY!!!

For you who were there, it’s a nice revisit and reminder.  For you going to my 75th its a taste of things to come for you.

This film is about 15 min and was lovingly made for me by Don Macken

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Celebrating 75 Years !

Celebrating 75 Years !
I’m throwing a Party… but its MORE than a Party.
I’ve had 50, 60 & 70 birthday parties and now I am about to be a ‘3/4 of a Century old’… so we’re CREATING something really special this time.
Saturday, September 15th 2018
Please watch this 2 Minute Film, then come back to finish reading this email:

The Party is officially noon to 10pm BUT … if you’d like to come a day or two early & stay a day or two late… GREAT!!!
This is all happening near Ashland & Jacksonville Oregon so it would be easy to make a GREAT little vacation out of this, going to theatre, music venues, wild lands for hiking, even rafting on the Rogue River in a super beautiful corner of the world!
If you’re gonna stay over, I’ve got about a dozen indoor spots between the 3 buildings AND there’s endless space for tenting and camping and RV’s.
There will be parking and tenting down the road at Judith’s house, a short pleasant walk away. Or take the “hay ride” that will be going back and forth between the two houses.
At the party my presentation will be about: attention. That self that is behind our physical body and mind that is the true self we all really are. The greatest gift we can give each other and our self is attention.
An additional intention of this gathering is creating the core of a biographical documentary being filmed about me by Ed Keller, my friend and editor. This is is my late life gesture and gift as an artist to express and reveal myself. It is a portrait of me that may well live longer than I will in this world and be something tangible I have left behind. So this big! fun! entertaining! and artful! gathering will be an important part of that film.
Saturday, September 15th 2018
So PLEASE, PLEASE… block out the dates… and plan on being here. RSVP, ASAP so we can plan all the details. More details to come in subsequent emails especially to RSVP-ers.