I was invited to be a guest on a Radio show


Those are radio call letters.  I start with them because I just put a half hour on their air and on their web.   I was a guest on Theresa & Ted’s “Culture Corner” conversations.
You can go to www.culturecorner2020.com/audio-archives to hear it any time now.
It was billed as: EPISODE 29: 03/16/2019 … Greeley Wells (local ART/FILM/POETRY)
This was a first for me and a lot of fun.  All seemed to flow very nicely and with humor and creativity.  Probably the most public I’ve been with my poems ever and I was glad for the opportunity.  Poetry is a part of my life I don’t talk much about.  It’s been sort of private and occasional.   In the last few years I’ve come out with them a bit more with a monthly poetry reading with six like minded souls as we read together at each others houses.  It’s been very informative and entertaining and helped me grow and become more public about this creative side of me almost no one knows about.  
If you’ll listen you’ll find out about the many films I’ve produced and some new ones about to see the light of day, or a dark theatre.    I am proud to announce that I have a film in the 18th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival.  The wonderful film is called Saving Wellington.  It’s about our beloved Applegate and a central wild area that needs to be protected.  There are two showings Thursday, April 11th at 3:40p, and Saturday, April 13, 9:20p at the Ashland Street Cinema.
So slip into www.culturecorner2020.com for a little half hour dose of Greeley.
EPISODE 29: 03/16/2019




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