THANK YOU, to all those that helped me celebrate my 75th birthday.

Last September I had my 75th birthday and to celebrate we had a 3 day party.  Along with my friend and editor Ed Keller, we looked thru some of the footage and threw together this little video of the event for the people that were there.  If you did NOT attend, i still think you’ll have fun watching this little 7 minute “thank you”.

live music by Skijah Indigo

I must also thank all the people who came together to inspire, help and pull this great event off.
Ed Keller & Leela Harlem worked for months to make it happen, with great assistance from Kim, Wrenna & River Keller. Gabe, Don, Jason, Maya, Blake, Grant, Korbin, Nicoa, Teran, Max, Galen, Will, Mirabai, Liz, Ashley, Dawn, Kelsi, Cornflower, Jimmy, Jessica, Freya, Ash, Taylor Marie, Steph, Gage & sons, Chef Al & Donna.
I’m sure I’ve missed some… Thank you too.

One thought on “THANK YOU, to all those that helped me celebrate my 75th birthday.

  1. Dear Greely, As you must know you are well loved by many and well deserved. I too feel you in my heart as a wonderful human being and an inspiration. Thank you for living my friend. Love, JP

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