Celebrating 75 Years !

Celebrating 75 Years !
I’m throwing a Party… but its MORE than a Party.
I’ve had 50, 60 & 70 birthday parties and now I am about to be a ‘3/4 of a Century old’… so we’re CREATING something really special this time.
Saturday, September 15th 2018
Please watch this 2 Minute Film, then come back to finish reading this email:

The Party is officially noon to 10pm BUT … if you’d like to come a day or two early & stay a day or two late… GREAT!!!
This is all happening near Ashland & Jacksonville Oregon so it would be easy to make a GREAT little vacation out of this, going to theatre, music venues, wild lands for hiking, even rafting on the Rogue River in a super beautiful corner of the world!
If you’re gonna stay over, I’ve got about a dozen indoor spots between the 3 buildings AND there’s endless space for tenting and camping and RV’s.
There will be parking and tenting down the road at Judith’s house, a short pleasant walk away. Or take the “hay ride” that will be going back and forth between the two houses.
At the party my presentation will be about: attention. That self that is behind our physical body and mind that is the true self we all really are. The greatest gift we can give each other and our self is attention.
An additional intention of this gathering is creating the core of a biographical documentary being filmed about me by Ed Keller, my friend and editor. This is is my late life gesture and gift as an artist to express and reveal myself. It is a portrait of me that may well live longer than I will in this world and be something tangible I have left behind. So this big! fun! entertaining! and artful! gathering will be an important part of that film.
Saturday, September 15th 2018
So PLEASE, PLEASE… block out the dates… and plan on being here. RSVP, ASAP so we can plan all the details. More details to come in subsequent emails especially to RSVP-ers.