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  1. Here’s a visit from the past. One of my favorites. Ed Keller and I show the perfection in a total imperfection. I have now well over 100 posts and this is how they looked back at the 1/4 or so mark. Perhaps I’m a little more sophisticated now but not a funny!

  2. Okay, yes, very impressive. My father had to wait until he was into his 90’s to achieve such a world class kerfuffle in the kitchen. It also involved making coffee. Once he got the hang of it he repeated it regularly…..
    Love to you.

    • Okay I’m glad to be in such good company! I’m glad I’m not doing regularly but wish I could say never again!!!! Thanks for the comment, I feel better now.
      love and hugs, greeley

  3. Thanks for posting number 23 it was funny when I first saw it and it was funnier now I love those episodes. Love you

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