We have been researching the August 21, 2017 Eclipse and have collected these interesting and inspiring videos for your entertainment and research.  Simply click on the words that attract you and it will open:

Stolen ecllipse clouds

This is a short animated primer for people who know nothing so it’s an easy pass but fun for the newby. 1:40

shadow bands, short  1:12

shadow bands 2:58

shadow bands, time, temperature all in one image – great idea!!  4:01

shadow bands two colors 4:01

eclipse hills, atmosphere, sounds, Bailie’s beads, diamond ring 1:07

handheld, clouds, overall, water, hills, sounds 9:16

aircraft view, flying with it! 6:00

bbc, india, description, clouds, good images, sounds   3:11                                  

National Geographic  Website w/ Images

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