Mark your calendars

I have a few announcements to my Friends and Family. I sent an email to everybody, but here is a quick video version of the same few items. Please mark your calendars and contact me if you want to talk about any of it. Send me an email, if you’d like to be included in future mailings and such.

3 thoughts on “Mark your calendars

  1. Greeley it has been way too long! I’ve often wondered what happened to you. Lost track after you moved from the hillside. Some great memories there. I turned 71 in March. My Vincent passed away 12 years ago. We were together for 27 years so l’ve been learning to be an individual and I’ve been learning who I really am and what I’m about! I’m on Instagram @sweetwatermarks! I’ve been posting a lot of work for about the last year or so!

  2. That was sooo moving and wise. I was there too, after they brought him out of the water. I don’t feel sad anymore and I am working on acceptance of what happens in the earthly life. I will assume it’s all for the best like you said.
    Thank you Greeley! I love you brother! Elizabeth

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