My team and I just came back from the COLUMBIA GORGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. The leadership of the festival was so professional and so much more. Ed Keller [] and Kirsten Bakke did a fantastic job of representing and recording us in this wonderful venue.

We had a lovely, lively and warm welcome from Breven, Tim and Suzie, as well as so many others at our first film festival acceptance experience up in Washougal, Washington. Wonderful, creative and very accessible people greeted and played with us during our three days there. The festival was loose, friendly and easy with good food, good cheer, good films and great camaraderie. In it’s 8th year now, it is quite organized and easy to maneuver.

On the trip to the festival, we took a couple of days each way, to visit beautiful natural places and capture image and work on our next project(s). While there, we worked on many interviews with fellow filmmakers whenever we could throughout the festival. There were many easy moments with very willing and impressive people. We got some nice feedback on our work and many opportunities for further follow-up. There was deep and important work represented at the festival, there is still much important, earth influencing and sincere meaningful work yet to be done and we are inspired to be part of it.

As the festival was drawing to a close, on the last day there were awards given out. We were totally taken by surprise to win the award for CGIFF’s 2015 SHORT DOCUMENTARY. A beautifully handcrafted glass award in the shape of a multicolored “G”. How appropriate! Don Macken editor, film maker and musician is to be thanked for his contributions on two scenes as well as Jeff Stanley [] for music on two other scenes. It was a thrilling end to a thrilling experience. Within one wonderful weekend we have been catapulted from relative obscurity to award winning film makers!

Here’s the final version and now world premiered of GREELEY’S NATURE:

Thank you all,

Greeley Wells

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