Most of the problems we have today in America stem from a government that is unresponsive and uncaring about what we the people want to do, have, get or need. One reason for this is that those politicians that run that government do care about the corporations that give them almost all their money. The corporations then are able to get what they want done regardless of what we the people my want or need. So if we took that corporate money out of their hands and gave them our money we’ve already paid with our taxes we might have a level playing field and the politician would need only response to we the people. There is a way to do this. Simply make all national and state elections paid for with about $2 to $10 dollars a year, sliding scale according to wealth, additional tax per citizen. That fund and the third party surveillance to keep it honest, would give each and every politician in each race the same amount of money to run on. No personal money, no corporate money, no individual money, no money, perks or promises from lobbyists or anyone else could be used in the election. Thus creating a truly democratic system as our founding fathers intended and we need now!

This is a 30 second commercial I made for the MAYdayin30 video contest to express this idea succinctly.

hope this comes close to what you’re looking for…..


This was the contest it was made for….. [wonder what happened to it?]
Mayday contest Pic

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