2023 – Our Next Annular Eclipse

Coming up on Oct 14 – An Annular eclipse. RIGHT HERE, where I live!!

A full eclipse completely blackens the sun, but this is an “annular” eclipse, where there’s a tiny ring of sunlight around the black circle, which is our moon. The moon is a little farther away from us and therefore smaller, so it doesn’t completely match the size of the sun. The whole experience is very fast—just a few minutes, so plan ahead. I’m going to Crater Lake to be in the middle of it with my cameras and friends! For an animation of its path, Watch this video…

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There are a TON of resources available about How-To safely watch the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse, available at :

as well as information about other types of eclipse, such as:

Tell us what YOU are doing during this eclipse. After it happens, if you get any good images or video, please SHARE. I’d love to see things from YOUR perspective.