Greeleys 80th Birthday Party (online)

This is the place!

Here is the LINK to get on Tuesdays ZOOM call, right now.

Make sure to REFRESH this page to have todays LINK –

Guaranteed to be correct link at 3:45pm (pacific) each day, Sept 9th thru Sept 12th 2023

If you have trouble connecting, click here to chat with out support team.

To explore Liz Shepherd’s virtual gallery with a desktop computer, click here.

By the way — Once you get onto the Zoom call, you can Come & Go as you wish.
Come back to this page anytime, and the current Link will be here.

We will make UPDATES here as needed.

ALSO- We want to encourage you to BRING SOMETHING to the webcast thats worth looking at.
Sky’s the limit! Old pics, Recordings, Films. Anything thats on your computer or device, we can look at, easily on the call.
Special Events each day include:
*Exclusive interviews with some amazing musicians and a few songs from each.
*Art Gallery tours and conversation with the artists.
*Short Films (it’s a lot like an online Film Festival with Q&A)

*Plenty of time to gab with Greeley